a shout to my readers

February 5, 2007

some of yall been using myspace on cyberspace and i gotta admit, I have used it myself too but in the end, too much junk out there.  i have been trying this wordpress blogging site for a few days now and to be honest, it is clean, it is nice, and it doesn’t clutter up my blog page.  give it a try if you are interested, throw me a comment/invite to check out your blogs.

those who know me from the years I spent travelling knows that I am often pretty tough to keep track of, always changing addresses every two years like a gyspy king.  so I am sure you can appreciate just having one address on cyberspace to track me down.

to the long lost friends, no worries, i’ll be catching up with yall soon, just a matter of timing.  hope yall enjoying another sunrise and sunset somewhere.

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