February 6, 2007

Attention music lovers, I need help here.

I am profoundly deaf so lyrics does not matter here, do not submit any suggestions relating to lyrics.  What I want to hear from you are suggestions for music that you enjoy feeling to, both bass-wise and high-pitch-wise. 

See with my hearing aids, I can hear to a degree but the music itself has to be clear enough to hear the difference in instruments.  For example, Megadeth “Ride the Lightning” is great for banging my head against the wall but I can’t tell for jack what I am listening to.  Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon” is very crystal clear and quite fun to listen to.  Crystal Method is also another form of music, electronic music without lyrics that I have enjoyed listening to.  [By the way, I have seen them all in concert.]

 In the meantime, I want to get a list of 100 recommendations.

One Response to “100 SONGS”

  1. andiebear Says:

    I always think of you when I hear Bob Marley, but I think you might enjoy Rage Against the Machine. I can’t think of a song in particular as their music is one of the few that all their songs sound and feel the same, so if you like one, for the most part you will like them all. By feel though, I mean the lyrics are very motovating, good mosh pit/angry music.

    I like electronica too but I have to go to the clubs to listen to it…so one of the more mainstream (old school) is Prodigy “Smack my bitch up” or “Firestarter”. They are very loud with the bass. They too have the same general sound and if you like one, the whole album (The Fat of the Land) is great.

    I have been listening to a lot of rap lately…but I can’t think of anything in particular. I’ll have to check back later. 🙂

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