awesome deaf ninja

February 11, 2007

I am not sure if I posted this correctly but if it isn’t visible go to youtube and enter “Deaf Ninja” in the search engine.  Great video, will ask to see if I can post a written transcript so hearing people can enjoy this as well.

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  1. andiebear Says:

    I watched the video at youtube but I must admit, I didn’t quite get it. If you can please post a transcript or a “translation”. I wanted to understand the plot because his fights were awesome…is the “mask” movement “ninja”? How do you say ninja in sign? That’s a cool word to know…pretty much useless, but cool. I think tomorrow I’ll ask my Spanish teacher “Como se dice “ninja” en espanol?” sweet.

    Anyway, I’d like to know more, can you please share? Thanks!

  2. He starts out by saying he has a struggle with the real world and his imagination. So he was using an example, when he was younger, his older brother wore the old fashioned hearing aids of the 70s [which I wore in school as well] that were shaped like a box we wore on our chest, had two wires looped to earmolds. So he used to laugh at his brother because he thought the box was funny looking.

    So what his brother used to do was take out his earmolds that were attached to the wires and used them as a weapon, beating up his little brother with them. So during one of his beatdowns, the actor realized something. deaf ninja.

    so that’s when he starts explaining his imagination about the deaf ninja. the mask movement is not the sign for ninja but in a sense it is more a “cinema” look.

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