a snowy week

February 16, 2007

strange as it seems to me, it is already Friday.  in case some of you notice, I don’t always capitalize in my writing.  I learned a long time ago, it’s not the proper rules of writing, it’s the proper message I want to share.

anyways, I just returned yesterday from a trip to York, PA where the “Valentine’s Blizzard” hit and closed out a 50 mile stretch of the interstate.  York was at the southern end of this stretch but I can tell you it was an ugly storm.

Ugly but still beautiful.  Tuesday brought light, fluffy snow which was nice to see in the beginning.  Then night fell.

That’s when the beast reared it’s ugly head, four inches of icy snow [also known as sleet] fell in lumps on York and the entire PA region.  neverless, my friends and I passed the evening huddled inside my friend’s warm home, filled the hours with conversation…

the sun came up wednesday morning but only through the cloud-shade lighting up the world without showing its face. I went outside with Oreo, my friend’s dog to find a winter wonderland encrusted in a thick layer of sleet.  it was thick enough to support the weight of a 40 lbs. dog and a 185 lbs. giant without falling through.  as each hour passed through the morning, the sleet returned to giant wet snowflakes just plopping down to the surface. 

by nightfall, it was evident that the storm took the town by surprise as well as the rest of the state.  the roads were so ugly, cars frozed to the pavement.


One Response to “a snowy week”

  1. andiebear Says:

    You need to come visit me in Cali…low 80’s high 70’s. 🙂 I miss the snow sometimes, then I remember just how cold it was and how the kids wouldn’t want to come inside no matter what color their fingers were turning. lol. You should post some pics if you have some.

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