storm on the cape

February 24, 2007

February 22 saw the first major snowstorm of the winter on the cape.  It was an unusual winter this year in comparison to last winter, my first winter on the cape. 

While the rest of the world north and to the east of us got battered by monster storms, the locals who live on Cape Cod year round as well out on the islands enjoyed a nice mild winter, rarely was a day when the temperature dropped below 35 degrees at noontime. 

Even more rarer a day on Cape Cod when the weather started turning in a snowstorm.  Snow had not fallen on the ground since the end of winter in March, 2006.

Alas, it was not my first snowstorm this winter as I had the fortune of being in York, PA during the much publicized fiasco of the Valentine’s Blizzard which left motorists stranded on the Interstate.

Snow started falling last night as I emerged from my work outside to enjoy my break.  The snowflakes were nice and soft, not quite fluffy but fluffed up from the howling winds synonomous with the cape winds.  After a year on the cape, I have begun to understand the cape winds are not just an oddity, we are directly in the path of the winds coming in from off-shore as it makes it way to the coast, some 30 miles away where the Bourne bridge ends.

There is an outdoor light that shines on a small corner of the parking lot from the corner of the building I work in.  Snow was falling nice and tight together, maybe 2 to 5 mm of space in between each snowflake.  Neverless, falling like a mad army of millions in a uniformed wave.  A gust of wind would rush down and grasp them up like waves crashing on the beach in directionless swirls.

Snow continued to fall though the night, covering the town in a nice clean blanket of white shadows as the headlights from my car traced the way home.  Only if I had a good camera to take a picture in the night with.  I turned in for bed wondering how many more inches would fall…

As it turned out, not that many.  We only got a measely inch of snow, maybe 2 in some parts but it was already beginning to melt by lunchtime the next day.

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