name this book

February 25, 2007

help! i need to put a name to this book so I can add it to my list. 

I can’t remember the name of this book I read in 9th grade, it was about a pair of friends [boys] who attended a private school.  the plot included a friend suffering a nasty fall by the river, one of the boys going off to war with the winter stormtroopers who skied.  for some reason the private school sounded like it was in CT.  this is a classic book and for the life of me the title escapes me but it seemed to have seasons in the title???

 i am sure one of you out there have read this book.

3 Responses to “name this book”

  1. mennogirl Says:

    you might mean A Separate Peace or possibly Chocolate War, although I think the first is a better bet

  2. That’s it!!! A Separate Peace. Why did I think it had seasons in it? Thanks mennogirl. You rock. I am glad someone actually reads blogs. 🙂

  3. andiebear Says:

    Hey, I read blogs…just not books…unless they are textbooks. lol. Glad you figured it out though. I hate it when I can’t remember stuff. It seems to happen more than I’d like too.

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