Ban Junk Mail, Free Oil!

March 20, 2007

Ban Junk Mail, Free Oil!

I just got yet another junk mail catalog, one of the countless million junk catalogs that is delivered to millions of households across the country and no doubtly around the world.

In 2000, 5,570,000 tons of junk mail made their way into the waste stream. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 32% of it is recycled. Almost half of all junk mail is never opened.  Click on link for further details.

With the recent approval to raise the U.S. postage stamp once again because it was becoming “cost-prohibitive” for the once grand U.S. Postal Service to deliver a letter at a mere 25 cent a little over a decade ago.

Gee no wonder!  Half of all the mail our postal carriers are sorting and lugging around with manpower and gasoline-powered vehicles are JUNK MAIL! 

Not only would banning JUNK MAIL free up a whole lot of mess including reducing the resources required to manufacture glossy catalogs of weird products or last season’s clearance. Such resources would include the TREE used to create the paper, the COAL used to create electricity for the publishers, the OIL used to deliver the JUNK MAIL to the postal centers and then out on thousand of mail carrier vans all over the country.

Think about it, if we banned junk mail, we would get FREE OIL!!!!  Isn’t that what we have been complaining about all this time, how much oil cost? 

Write to your congressman to put into legislation a ban on JUNK MAIL, tell your product companies to get you off the mailing list to save paper, and best of all, hug your mail carrier for doing an unglorified job.

Oh, another side benefit, less health insurance premium to pay because our nation’s finest mail carriers won’t have so much back problems to deal with in the long run. 

 Comment if you are for banning junk mail and FREE OIL!!

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