Needless to say, I would enjoy being a GM for my long-time team, Chicago Bears.  The last four years, I have been watching how the Bears have grown versus the other teams. It has been amusing but led me to deep thoughts about how I would run the development of the legendnary franchise through the draft.

First round draft picks are overrated and overpriced.  With the rising ticket prices in the NFL, I would rather be able to sell out every home game than shell out millions of dollars to a potentional first round bust as we have seen happen so many times to each team in the NFL.

So with that in mind, there are 32 teams in the NFL.  By breaking down the picks into three categories, I will try to explain my logic in the draft selection.

  •  16 of these teams usually perform badly enough to wind up with the top picks. 
  • 8 of them had medicore season and often struggle to land the best pick int he draft to help bolster their growing thirst for the championship.
  • 8 of the 32 teams have peformed well enough to wind up with the last 8 picks of the draft meaning they are more suspectible to free agency.

So with this fairly simple and broad breakdown, I will now explain the breakdown of the draft picks.

  • First 16 picks are overrated and often overpriced, usually top offensive college “weapons” with zero NFL experience commanding top dollar who ultimately end up medicore players.
  • Next 8 picks are mid-round picks going to teams often in need of adding “the missing ingredient” to building their championship team.
  • The final 8 picks.  Needless to say, they are the bottom of the 1st round barrel.  Often these teams are loaded with talents from the previous season’s run for the Superbowl.  Based on the contracts these teams have signed with their players, there is almost always a few players who becomes free agents and move on.  This provides room for these teams to “shoot fishes in a barrel” with quality choices but not always a sound opportunity due to the depth presence on their team.

So for the Bears, if we landed in the top 16, I would immediately trade down to the last 8 of the first round picks, and a mid to high 3rd round pick. 

If we landed in the next group of 8 picks, I would hold my posistion to find a good quality pick or trade down to a high 2nd and a high to low third round pick. 

If we landed in the final group of the last 8 picks, immediately trade down to the high 2nd round and a low 3rd or high 4th round pick. 

Not only am I doing the fans a favor by keeping the price of tickets low, I am doing the team a favor by providing a decent cap room for upgrade opportunities down the road.  Often this will not happen till the season begins so foresight is better than hindsight.

End of April

April 28, 2007

Well, it has been quite a long month, and a long time away from blogging.  I just logged on and took a long hard look at my blog and realized I am not always going to be able to be obsessed staying online and writing about everything.  However, I do enjoy sharing little things about my observations in life.


April 1, 2007

There is a local wind farm project that is being debated and approved for use to supply power to Cape Cod and the islands.

I highly approve of this project as it will reduce the limited resources we have available to power our planet’s draining electricity needs [ie. coal and oil].

There is a quote in this article about the fears of opponents of such projects,

“But opponents fear the environmental and economic effects on Cape Cod’s tourist and fishing industries. They warn the turbines would pose navigational and radar hazards. They also say the turbines could hurt the views of some multimillion-dollar oceanfront homes.”


  1. Tourism is suppose to benefit the environment, not damage it.  Think about all the electricity the tourists use to enjoy their “vacation” lifestyle, from reading a book at night to turning on the bathroom light so they can poop into the ocean.
  2. This is another opportunity to generate eco-tourism dollars by providing tours to interested tourists who want to learn more about how such wind farms can reduce the need for coal/oil. 


  1. We are already over-harvesting our fishes from the ocean. Be quiet and go fish elsewhere!
  2. This would actually allow us to promote a santucary for our fishes to reproduce and create more fishes for the opponents to over-harvest from our ocean a little further away from the shore.
  3. By providing a santuary to raise more fishes, we can actually make more money because of more fishes to buy and eat and then poop back into the ocean using the electricty we are saving the planet from our wind farm with.

Multi-million dollar home views???

  1. To the rich people, you already spent millions to rip up precious resources to build your home on natural resources.
  2. You already spent millions to damage our enviroment by spending on oil to supply transportation of materials to your home site for development.
  3. You already spent thousand of dollars to waste electricty with coal/oil to heat your home the 70 percent of the time you are not there. Hence the name “vacation homes”. 

Side note to multi-million dollar homes and democratics

“Democratic U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, whose family’s Hyannis Port compound would have a clear view of the farm, opposes it while Gov. Deval Patrick, who says the state needs to invest in new energy technology, supports it.”

To the Kennedys – get off your high horse!  You throw wasteful parties at your compound where thousand of people have wasted oil boating, driving and flying to your compound.  And not only have all these people wasted our resources, you also have wasted electricity to entertain these guests, therefore driving up the cost of electricity for year-round residents.  Oh, and not to mention all the Kennedy poop that is dumped into the ocean.

books in the year 2007

March 10, 2007

This will be my posting for books I have read this year.  In bold will be a description about why or when I am reading it such as in progress, completed, or I have the book but have not started it yet.  See my posting, books in my lifetime for a more comphrensive list. 

  1. The Patron Saint of Red Chevys – Kay Sloan  finished in february
  2. Lisey’s Story – Stephen King  finished in february
  3. The Richest Man in Babylon – George S Clason 2nd reading in progress
  4. The Good Earth – Pearl S. Buck finished in March 
  5. Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship – Jon Meacham  In Progress
  6. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies – Jared Diamond In Progress
  7. Endurancefinished in March
  8. The Glass Castle finished in March
  9. The Bonesetter’s Daugher – finished in April
  10. The Partner – finished in May
  11. A Time of War – finished in May

name this book

February 25, 2007

help! i need to put a name to this book so I can add it to my list. 

I can’t remember the name of this book I read in 9th grade, it was about a pair of friends [boys] who attended a private school.  the plot included a friend suffering a nasty fall by the river, one of the boys going off to war with the winter stormtroopers who skied.  for some reason the private school sounded like it was in CT.  this is a classic book and for the life of me the title escapes me but it seemed to have seasons in the title???

 i am sure one of you out there have read this book.

deafness is an excuse

February 25, 2007

Today, I was talking with my sweetheart about something and was trying to use my deafness as an example when she said to not use it as an excuse.  There is a big difference between an example and an excuse.

I got a little huffy about it because as the old saying goes, “Emotions cloud judgement.” So, I took the time to clear out my emotions and began thinking about how I explained it. 

With a clearer judgement, I can begin to explain more clearly and less emotionally.

This is my blog about not using deafness as an excuse.

I suppose there are people who view certain comments by other people as excuses which can be understandable in certain cases. 

Such as calling in sick to work in the middle of the week when everyone at work has seen you perfectly healthy the day before and in reality, you just partied a little heartily the night before and had a killer hangover. That is an excuse.

For a different example, not showing up for work when there is a monster snowstorm dumping 10 inches of snow and the roads were not plowed.  That is a reasonable explanation to me, not an excuse, although in the loosest tongue, it could be viewed as a reasonable excuse.

I began to explore how deafness became an excuse which meant going back into history to understand this.  After all, there are many successful deaf people in today’s world in all kinds of prominent positions.

This was not always the case, for once upon a time in history, society once regarded those with deafness or muteness with a dismiss of a phrase “deaf and dumb”. 

This was due to the stigma that those who were born without the ability to hear or talk were considered inferior to those born with five senses.

Somewhere along the way in the development of humankind, those who were deaf began to show signs of intelligence. 

By using that intelligence, they were able to rise above certain stigmas imposed by society to become role models, or in extreme measures, a legend. 

Deafness is about seeing, not hearing so we naturally do not believe what we hear, we have no ability to hear anyways. [I will write a blog in the future about this]

We did not have a natural need to believe those who spoke to us and said “You can’t do this” or “You never will be able to do this”.

One noteworthy person is Helen Keller, although she was deaf and blind.  Her legacy is the perfect example of being a role model who also became a legend in certain communities.

Nowadays, there are many successfully deaf people in their own right who have risen above certain stigmas.  We have a deaf Miss America, a few well-known deaf performers, a deaf president of the only deaf liberal arts college in the world, and even an award-winning movie scripted about a deaf woman. 

Part of these opportunities to achieve recognization came about due to several factors, including technological advancements, educational advancements, among others.  Probably the most important factor above all else is humanity.

There were those among the hearing population who tirelessly lobbied against the “deaf and dumb” stigma such as Alexander G. Bell, Thomas Edison, and Gallaudet by creating an educational program for the deaf students, or by creating technologies to assist people with hearing loss.

So despite knowing all this, I still needed to explore why did such stigma come about.  The only explanation I could come up with is fear.  Ignorance is a form of fear.

In the race for the quest of the superior human, we often dismiss people with ailments, or lesser education as inferior to our quest. 

There are people who have earned multiple degrees from institutions for higher learning, working a significant role such as a neurosurgeon or an adviser but they still pale in comparison with those who were college dropouts leading some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world.

These dropouts were dismissed with the stigma “lucky”.  We till consider them inferior because we view our own intelligence superior to the “lucky” ones.  This makes me wonder where the old saying comes from, “Ignorance is bliss.”  Those who say it must be scared to death.

So how did “using deafness as an excuse” come about?

I suppose there are more reasons than I am aware of but they all probably stem from a few basic characteristics.  Laziness, and ignorance to name a few.

to be continued…